Why were Kellogg’s Corn Flakes invented

It seems odd that someone make a deliberately tasteless food, but it was all part of an extreme diet – promoted by church – aimed at suppressing passion.

–This prompt for Dr. Kellogg’s health change was The general example of digestion. “ Americans needed food, food, food. And taters. And cake and pastry, ” Lowell Dyson writes of food preferences at nineteenth century America. ” that was as even of breakfast as it cost of meal. Among the rich, cut and pastry would be meal or breakfast. The effects for this country’s health were not well. Symptom was endemic. As Abigail Carroll, writer of Three shape Meals, has explained, Americans named the indigestion “ dyspepsia. ” discourse of dyspepsia was like day’s fat arguments, continuously written about in magazines and newspapers.

–According to Howard Markel, the professor of the history of medicine in the University of Chicago and writer of the publication on the Kellogg house, The first impulse for the innovation of corn flakes came from the necessity to produce a meal food that countered indigestion, a general health complaint in later-19th-century U.S., While also conforming to the rigid vegetarian diet of the Seventh Day Adventist religion, of which these Kelloggs were involved members: It was within medical education when the time-crunched saint, Who made his personal meals on side of studying round the clock, first started to consider making the wholesome, ready-to-eat cereal … One of the most general medical charges of the day was dyspepsia, The 19th-century catchall period for the medley of flatulence, constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn, and “ sick stomach. ”

–The iconic American breakfast cereal also came about because of a time of a happy occurrence. Wheat flakes were manufactured by brothers William and saint Kellogg at the late nineteenth century, according to the Christian study Monitor. The two worked in the fight Creek sanitarium, the Seventh time Adventist sanitarium where diet and good food were important principles. Searching for the replacement for sugar for their patients at that sanitarium, these Kellogg brothers boiled corn, yet they boiled it also long and when they wrapped it out it fell apart into flakes, which they then baked.

–This Kellogg corporation was established in 1898 when father W. K. Kellogg and his friend, physician John Harvey Kellogg, accidentally flaked wheat berry—a mistake that could lead in this formula for kellogg’s Corn Flakes. This corporation, which is headquartered at Battle Creek, Chicago, now operates in 180 countries, offering ready-to-eat grains and other food products. Its 2013 accounted net sellings tallied $ 14.8 billion. Kellogg’s brands add Froot Loops, Frosted snowflake, offer K, cereal Krispies, popping Tarts, Eggo Waffles, Nutri-Grain cake, and Certainly, kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

–They won by making something that Dr. Kellogg despised: Bringing bread. This thought had long been The point of dispute between Dr. Kellogg and William Kellogg. William thought they wanted to make cereal flakes taste better, while Dr. Kellogg thought bread as corrupting his health matter. But by the 1940s, all these great cereal companies pre-coated their grains with bread. (Priceonomics., May. 2016)

–Kellogg’s cereal Flakes got the initial grain premium with this Funny Jungleland Moving Pictures Book. This novel was originally available as the prize that was presented to the consumer at the shop with the purchase of two packages of the cereal. (Ament.) But in 1909, kellogg’s modified the novel giveaway to the premium mail-in offering for the price of a dime. Over 2.5 million copies of this novel were distributed in several versions over the period of 23 years.