Valerie Dominguez, Shakira’s cousin poses without clothes and burns social networks.

The Colombian actress Valerie Dominguez has caused a stir by wearing little clothes.

Valerie Domínguez Tarud, the cousin of singer Shakira, makes it clear that beauty and artistic talent is family. Valerie Dominguez Tarud of 37 years is a well-known Colombian model, actress and designer, elected Señorita Colombia 2015.

Recently it unleashes sighs and it takes breathless to its more than 680 thousand followers to share in instagram some images where it poses nude.

One of the images shows her without clothes and the leaves of a plant saved her from the instagram censorship.

Valerie Dominguez wrote on instagram: “Understanding that in difficult situations is where the opportunity to grow and evolve has not been such an easy task.” Over time I learned that although you are inside the storm you have to try to see it from the outside. You understand that nothing is ever so serious and so I understood that the question should not be, why did it happen to me? But, what happened to me? Let life show you the way … #BringTheLight #Everythingcounts … “

However, the model is used to upload photographs of their various daily activities, including exercise, modeling and their walks, among others.

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