The return of HALO with INFINITE!

Xbox promises its followers that this will be the most ambitious version of the saga, as it will allow players to explore the ring where the Spartans have fought battles against aliens since 2001

The first video game in the saga was released by Bungie in 2001 and was called Combat Evolved, the worldwide success story that revolves around the Spartans commanded by the Master Chief to fight against various aliens made the saga continue.

Therefore in 2021 and with more than 10 titles in the franchise, Microsoft and 343 Industries celebrate two decades of popular first-person shooters with the premiere of Halo Infinite.

This August 25, 2021, its release date was finally revealed through its YouTube channel within the framework of the One Night Live Gamescom, an important video game event. Halo Infinite will be playable from December 8 of this year on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One consoles and will also be available for PC.

This title is a sequel to Halo Wars and Halo 5, it was announced since June 10, 2018, and its original launch was planned for August 2020, however it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Explore the epic extension of a Halo ring for the first time in the most ambitious Halo game ever created” can be read as part of the description of this game, as one of the most important novelties that it will bring with it is the possibility of moving freely around the ring-shaped world where the saga unfolds.

According to Microsoft’s official site players can now order their pre-sale either for console or for PC through the Steam platform.

The launch of Halo Infinite will be accompanied by a console and a special edition controller. The controller will have interchangeable accessories to enhance the player experience and the box will be printed with the logo of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC), a military organization where all the countries on earth were unified to face the Covenant aliens within of the game.