A refined design with enhanced durability, faster charging, new aluminum case colors, and watchOS 8

Every year Apple surprises us with a host of new products, and this year the Cupertino, California company introduced a new Apple Watch. This happened from a virtual event that took us to several of the most iconic points of the golden state.

Apple introduced the new Apple Watch Series 7, a smartwatch with a Retina display almost 20% larger than that of the Apple Watch Series 6 and 50% larger than that of the Apple Watch Series 3 thanks to Apple reducing the edges by 40 %.

The new Apple Watch Series 7 can display 50% more text and it also has a full keyboard that you can tap or slide to type text messages.

“Apple Watch Series 7 delivers significant improvements — from our largest and most advanced display, to enhanced durability and faster charging — making the world’s best smartwatch better than ever before,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer.

Apple indicated that the new charging system allows the new Apple Watch to go from zero to 80% in just 45 minutes.

Among its features, which will thrill cyclists, the Apple Watch series 7 now knows when the user starts pedaling, while its voice system reports progress, distance, speed and goals achieved. It also includes automatic fall detection.

Apple also introduced Fitness +, a service designed to work specifically with the Apple Watch. It has a handful of new features, including guided meditation, a new training program for skiers and snowboarders, as well as group workouts for up to 32 people. Fitness + will arrive by the end of 2021 in 15 new countries and with subtitles in six languages.

The Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $ 399 and will be available later this fall in five new colors: Green, Blue, Red, Stellar White, and Midnight Blue.

watchOS 8

watchOS 8 debuts additional watch faces designed specially for the larger display on Apple Watch Series 7. The new Contour face takes the dial right to the edge of the display and fluidly animates throughout the day, emphasizing the current hour. The new Modular Duo face leverages the extra screen area with two large, data-rich center complications. Separately, the classic World Time face, based on heritage watches and ideal for travelers, tracks the time in 24 time zones around a double dial, and is available on Apple Watch Series 4 and later. The Portraits face uses the depth capabilities of iPhone Portrait mode to compose a beautiful, personalized experience.