The lawyer Michael Avenatti, Arrested for sexist violence

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer of the porn actress who sued Donald Trump, was arrested for domestic violence

The lawyer Michael Avenatti, famous in the USA for representing the porn actress Stormy Daniels with whom President Donald Trump maintains a legal battle, was arrested by police accused of domestic violence, local media reported Wednesday. The TMZ magazine published, citing police sources, that Avenatti was arrested on Wednesday after his wife, of whom he is separated, filed a complaint against him in a police station in Los Angeles (California, USA).

According to TMZ, a media specializing in the adventures and misadventures of celebrities, the arrest came as a result of the complaint of his ex-wife, who had a “bruised” face and marks after a strong discussion with her ex-husband. If the case of abuse is confirmed, the lawyer’s political aspirations would be deathly wounded. Avenatti had expressed interest in presenting himself as a candidate for the 2020 presidential election. This Wednesday he issued a statement denying the accusations. “I have never physically mistreated anyone in my life, nor last night, any accusation to the contrary seeks to damage my reputation, I hope to be completely exonerated,” he said.

Avenatti has gained public notoriety for his habitual and aggressive confrontations with Trump in social networks and the media, in which both engage in mutual insults and disdain publicly, without having come to coincide in person. The lawyer represents the porn actress Stormy Daniels, who filed a court injunction because Trump claimed that she was lying when she said she had received threats to silence about an alleged relationship that both maintained a decade ago. Last October, a federal judge rejected the defamation lawsuit filed by Daniels and forced the actress to pay the legal expenses that Trump would have incurred in the lawsuit, after which the president charged harshly against her and Avenatti.

“Great, now I can go after Cara de Caballo and his third-class lawyer in the Great State of Texas,” Trump said in his Twitter account.

Avenatti’s credibility was damaged last October, when she became the spokesperson for a woman who accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh (who was under investigation during her confirmation to the Supreme Court for other accusations that were plausible and held in court) with little basis for abuses. account by the Congress, those of Professor Christine Blasey Ford).

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