Mike Posner Debuts New Look At NFL Game

Mike Posner Debuts New Look At NFL Game at the Lions’ Thanksgiving game and many said he looked like Will Ferrell, a shaggy Haley Joel Osment and more!

Mike Posner, 30, the man best known for his song “I Took A Pill In Ibiza,” played the Halftime show of the Detroit Lions’ Thanksgiving game against the Chicago Bears.
While many were completely shocked that Mike Posner was picked – many were shocked by Mike’s brand new look. Gone was the short, dyed hair Mike was known for and instead, he revealed shaggy brown locks, a beard and a whole new sound.

Depending on your personality, Thanksgiving takes on a different meaning. For some, it’s all about spending time with your family and friends. For others, it’s a nice excuse to have a day off and watch Netflix. Before we feast tonight, sports fans are glued to the television watching NFL games as Thanksgiving has always been a big day in the league. Because of the increased ratings today, the NFL often employs a performer for their halftime show and Detroit got to witness Mike Posner in concert. While that may not be the most exciting thing in the world for most, social media users were going wild after he debuted a new look, possibly making it all worth it.

Perhaps fans were just amazed to see Mike Posner in 2018. The Lions seemed to understand that in the press release about his performance, per FTW. “It’s been years since Mike Posner has put out a new piece of music and many of his fans may be surprised to see the length of his beard when they hear about his latest release. “Song About You” is a piercing introspective look at a relationship that didn’t work out.”

“Genres are words to sort of split [music] up, very similar to, like, country lines being drawn on a map,” Mike said when talking about his new song on Billboard’s Pop Shop Podcast. “They’re imaginary. Those lines don’t exist in reality. Genre is the same way. That’s not saying they’re bad or not useful at times, but what you’re seeing is the actual music scene itself, the way we just defined it, changing.

These country lines, genre lines, were drawn years ago, so they may not apply as perfectly as they once did, but they don’t exist in reality. You know, on the deepest level, on the artist level, they don’t matter really at all.”

Mike Posner has made a name for himself through his collaborations with Blackbear, his breakout hit “Cooler Than Me” and, of course, “I Took a Pill In Ibiza.” He has an album coming out at the beginning of next year and he was chosen to perform the halftime show in his native Detroit but he got roasted after it was all said and done. Football fans reacted in the worst way to his performance, not entirely understanding why he was selected of all people.

To say that fans weren’t keen on the makeover would be an understatement. “Mike Posner lookin like he just got fired from the local news station,” one tweeted, sharing a picture of Will Ferrell from the Anchorman movie. “Why does Mike Posner look like a grown up fat faced Haley Joel Osment?” “Mike Posner looking like a geico commercial,” another one added, sharing a picture of the caveman spokesperson “Michael Posner and the “legendary” Michael Posner Band at Lions-Bears halftime show. Who the hell is Michael Posner??” “Michael Posner looks like the mud from the sixth sense all grown up.”

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