Large Fire At An Egg Farm Kills Thousands Of Chickens

Connecticut authorities are investigating the cause of a large operating chicken coop that was burned down at an egg farm.

The 50-foot by 600-foot coop that was burned down was located at Hillandale Farms. Some sources have reported that over 100,000 hens were killed.

John Way, a safety officer for the Bozrah Volunteer Fire Company, said the building that caught fire was large, being approximately 300 to 400 feet long and two stories high. The exact number of chickens it housed is unknown.

January 28th: More than 100 firefighters battled a huge fire at a commercial egg farm (Hillandale Farm, Bozrah, Connecticut, USA).

Hillandale Farms is one of the top egg producers in the US, raising over 20 million chickens for eggs.— James Melville (@JamesMelville) January 30, 2023

On Sunday, Way stated that he could not confirm the exact number of causalities to the local media.

Crews from 16 surrounding fire departments with more than 100 firefighters total responded to the scene.

According to Colchester Fire Department, water issues demanded for more tankers to be called in.

There appeared to be extensive damage to the chicken coop. However, it is unclear what may have started the fire.

At this time, the Department of Agriculture is not responding, but is continuing to monitor the situation. The DOA has claimed to been in touch with the leadership at Hillandale.

Hillandale Farms deems itself as one of the country’s top egg producers, raising over 20 million chickens for eggs. The company also has corporate offices in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

No human injuries were reported.