Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram go offline

The most used social networks in the world present failures from morning hours in their service worldwide.

Both Facebook and its Instagram and WhatsApp platforms stopped working in many parts of the world on Monday. Facebook’s internal systems used by its employees also went down.

The company indicated that it was aware that “some people are having problems accessing the Facebook app” and that it is working on restoring access. Regarding internal failures, Adam Mosseri, director of Instagram, tweeted that it feels like “a day when there are no classes because of bad weather.”

The company did not offer a cause for the outage, which began around 11:45 ET (1645 GMT). It is normal for a website or an app to suffer service interruptions, although it is rare for it to occur worldwide. Users in California, New York and Europe reported that they do not have access to Facebook.

Doug Madory, director of internal analytics for Kentik Inc., said the domain name system (DNS) that tells browsers how to load Facebook properties appears to be unavailable.

The DNS channels, Madory added, appear to have been retired. DNS is an integral element in the way internet traffic is accessed. DNS translates an address like “facebook.com” to an IP address like If Facebook’s DNS records have disappeared, no one could find them.

Facebook has been in crisis since whistleblower Frances Haugen, a former Facebook product manager, provided the Wall Street Journal with internal documents exposing that the company was aware of the harmful effects of its products and decisions. Haugen publicly identified himself on the television show “60 Minutes.” Sunday night.

Haugen had also anonymously filed complaints with federal authorities alleging that Facebook’s internal investigations show how its content magnifies hate and misinformation, exacerbates polarization, and how Instagram, specifically, can cause damage to adolescent mental health.

The Journal reports, called “The Facebook Files,” show a company focused on growth and its own interests over the public good. Facebook has tried to downplay the investigation. Nick Clegg, the company’s vice president of Global Affairs and Communication, wrote a memo to Facebook employees on Friday stating that “social media has had a huge impact on our society in recent years, and Facebook is often a place where much of this debate is taking place ”.