Eliminate those annoying varicose veins in the legs with simple home remedies

There is nothing more beautiful than being able to show off your legs without those horrible varicose veins, that is why it is important to know that it is not easy to eliminate varicose veins in your legs and here we will give you small tips that will help you counteract them.

The blood goes down from the heart to the legs and, obviously, it has to come back. This is where, if it finds a “bump”, it gets stuck and produces certain problems.

In the event that this occurs in the legs, varicose veins are formed: for many an aesthetic issue but in reality it is a health alteration that must be reversed.

Tips that help you reduce symptoms and slow down your progress:

1- Start and end the day with a shower on your legs.

The hydrotherapy, based on the temperature contrast, favors the elasticity of the veins and provides a sensation of relief to discomfort such as itching, burning and pain. Direct the water jet first towards the feet and then go up the calves, knees and thighs. Alternates cold and hot water, but always ends cold to activate circulation.

2- Walk on tiptoe for a few minutes.

The pressure that the muscle makes when contracting facilitates the venous return. First, take gentle steps walking barefoot on tiptoe: forward and backward. Then, walk for 2 minutes marking the step in an exaggerated way and supporting the tip of the foot that is left behind. To finish, put your legs together and raise and lower one heel resting on your fingers. Then, change your feet.

3- Wear compression stockings, also in summer.

They tighten more in the ankle area and decrease tension as they get closer to the knee. If you usually use them in winter because you have varicose veins, do not do without them in the summer (when they need you the most, since the heat causes the veins to increase in size and that’s why they hurt). A solution to the feeling of discomfort is to take them off in the hottest hours and opt for light compression stockings, of finer fabrics.

4- Massage your legs with both hands.

Manual massage and pressure therapy are effective techniques that are performed in centers, but you can also relieve symptoms of varicose veins at home: Give self-massage with both hands on one leg, starting with the toes and gently rising to the groin. both sides. Insist on the thighs with circular movements and repeat with the other leg. To enhance its benefits you can use specific oils, creams or gels with cold effect.

5- Remember not to cross your legs.

This position compresses the veins, so that it hinders the natural flow of blood. Although it is very hard to “unlearn” this habit, you should avoid it. If you work sitting, leave a note in plain sight that reminds you to uncross your legs.

6- Take less salt and more omega 3.

With salt, resort to the trick of the spoon: what fits in a dessert (5 grams) is the maximum you should take throughout the day (keep in mind that there are many products that have added salt, not only has the Put on the salt shaker Exceeding this amount favors the retention of liquids, which causes swelling of the ankles, on the other hand, it consumes fish twice a week and a few nuts every day, this gives you an adequate dose of omega 3 fatty acids, which help to improve circulation.

7- Keep your skin well hydrated.

Dryness accentuates the sensation of itching and discomfort. That is why it is important not to neglect its hydration. If you also cool your moisturizer in the fridge, when you apply it you will notice a refreshing effect.

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