Dragon Ball Super: Broly ‘filtered completely

A couple of days ago there was a special screening for the lucky few of the film ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’, the next big release by Akira Toriyama. It happens that there was not much discretion, since there is information available on Facebook of the whole plot. There is even talk of a fairly revealing post-credit scene.

The security deployed by Toei for the transmission of the film in secret, since both the characters’ seiyuus and some Japanese journalists were invited, was total and maximum, so no image of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ has been filtered: Broly ‘so if you expect any, we have to tell you that this post is not for you. On the other hand, we have to tell you that the info you are about to read was provided by Ken Xyro, one of the most respected sources in the world of ‘Dragon Ball’ that usually hits these types of Spoilers. Without further ado, here we go:


We will try to summarize it as much as possible so that you do not fill up with Spoilers and you ‘malogres’ the whole movie. The film begins with the appearance of Freezer on the planet Vegita, where he would begin his plan with the genocide already known to all (the explosion with a supernova). This is where Bardock appears, Goku’s dad who already ‘smelled’ what the tyrant was plotting.

This is how Freezer eliminated the planet Vegita

It is also revealed that the plan was to eliminate this planet by posing a threat to Frieza. By means of the ‘scouts’, each warrior born with the power of more than 2000 would be pulverized. This was the case of Broly and where King Vegeta, upon learning of Freezer’s own intentions, had an egos crossing and sent him to the planet Vampa, followed by Paragus a few minutes before the planet Vegita exploded.

After this, we see images of Goku leaving and we pass to the present time, where everyone is having lunch in the house of Bulma after the tournament of power with the dragonballs on one side; However, Goten and Trunks realized that one was missing and it is here that everyone started the trip to the snowy place that could be seen in the advances. Once here, Goku feels the presence of someone very strong and yes, it is who you think, Broly, who had just arrived at the place and it was not only him, but also Freezer (remember that after the ‘Tournament of Power’) ‘he regains his life and continues to try to kill Goku, Vegeta and all those beings that pose a threat to him as Broly); however, Paragus sends his son to fight against the ‘Z warriors’ and here the tension of the whole movie begins.

Goku and Vegeta face Broly in the final battle

The fight is ‘live fire’ and is that the first to fall is Vegeta, who could not do anything to the power of Broly but Goku, with the super saiyan blue, gets to have ‘against the ropes’ to it. Frieza sees this and has a flashback of the way in which Goku was transformed into super saiyan 1 in Namekusei, which was exploding Krillin so that this, as he wants to ‘kill two birds with one stone’, decides to do the same and Get the most out of Broly. The victim? His father, Paragus, to whom Freezer coldly assassinates and unties 100% super sayayin (yes, at no time is it mentioned that he is the legendary super saiyan or something like that).

Broly starts a fight with Goku leaves our beloved ‘warrior Z’ lying on the ground completely hurt and defeated by what he thinks about fleeing from there. It is here where Piccolo appears and telepathically communicates with Goku to give him encouragement that he needed at the moment, this is where our protagonist takes Vegeta and they leave the place to where Piccolo is and while this happens, what was a place of Snow is transformed into a total chaos of lava and explosions everywhere while Freezer is tortured by Broly himself.


Once with Piccolo, they went to the place where Kamisama, Bulma and others were, thinking about how they could defeat Broly to what Goku suggests the merger. Vegeta refuses completely to perform the acts but Bulma makes him see reason and the prince accedes but a problem arose, they could not do it because the steps did not go perfectly. Up to three times Goku and Vegeta try to merge, and it is not until the fourth when they get it; the first time they result in Gogeta fat version, the second in thin version, and the third in an intermediate that does not end up being perfect. In the fourth both achieve transformation, and appears on the scene the famous and beloved Gogeta that we all know is going to battle.

That would be Gogeta in SSJ Blue.

Once this arrives, Freezer, who had transformed into his ‘Golden’ form, runs to his ship and escapes from the place. It is here where the source affirms that ‘the dimensions are broken’ (we still do not understand very well what it refers to) and initiates the definitive fight between Broly’s Gogeta while everything in its path is destroyed. Broly obtains its maximum power and it is out of control, leaving thus surprised to the ‘warriors Z’ that were in the place to which Whis arrives to put something of pause in the situation.

Broly sees him and begins to throw blows left and right that are avoided by the angel without problems until he laughs. Subsequently, Gogeta becomes super saiyan blue and begins to take control of the fight and when he was about to launch his final attack, Broly disappears. Chelye (who sympathizes with Broly since he met him on the planet Vampa) manages to invoke Shenron and save the warrior by asking the dragon to teleport him back to his home planet after gathering the dragon spheres and asking Shen Long’s long-awaited wish.

This is how Broly looks in his transformation super saiyan 100%

‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ ends with the image of Frieza looking at the brightness of Shen Long and waiting for a wish, and this is that he wants to be higher but Kikono, one of his close friends and subordinates, tells him that in his second and third Form is, to which Freezer nods his head wishing that it were also in its final form.

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