Bitcoin and the crypto bubble has already exploded investors in the face

Bitcoin and the crypto bubble has already exploded investors in the face, now what? Bitcoin and the crypto bubble has already exploded investors in the face The major reforms that we must address before the next crisis Some did not hesitate to give us lessons and boast with resounding certainty that Bitcoin would soon reach $ 50,000 / BTC, and even contemplated that it could be much more in a few years. Bitcoin did not spend as little as $ 20,000 and, after hitting highs, almost 80% collapsed, and it remains installed in the same litany over a significant period that is already counted by quarters. Sorry, yes, Bitcoin was another bubble, we already let you know. But now what? We have calculated the profitability of mining bitcoins and ethereums in 2018 to break your dreams of getting rich It has exploded the investors in the face and now that  economic that can deny it: it was a bubble. As Bloomberg synthesized us a few days ago, the figures are overwhelming. A brief look at the index “MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 10” shows a real collapse in 2018, with a forceful drop of 80%. The hit has been epic, and has exceeded (down) the depth mark of the 78% decline of Nasdaq after the burst of the famous bubble “.com”. And it also coincides that now the bleeding has been especially lethal in second-row values ​​(or “altcoins” in the crypto world), although first-row tokens like Ethereum have also suffered with special drama. From these lines we promptly warn you from the earliest beginnings of the incipient formation of a bubble that began to inflate. Subsequently, we talked on countless occasions of the dangerous effervescent trend that Bitcoin and crypto assets were presenting in general, and we warned them that they would continue to climb who knows how far, but that they would then click on a process that always leaves many more affected than new rich. Finally, shortly before the outbreak, we warned them again of the great risk that lay ahead. And finally, we were among the first to analyze one of the main causes of such a speculative bubble: premeditated and interested manipulation. But this is not going to be an analysis of rejoicing or of recreating in the lack of other people’s vision: it is not the style of these lines or the one that writes them, and, in addition, at some point we can all get something like that. No one should ever rejoice over the socioeconomic misfortunes of any investor or country, even if there are some who have sought it desperately and insistently.