“Biden violated the US Constitution by blowing up the Nord Stream”

An analysis by the Washington Times, entitled What is Biden’s objective in Ukraine?, reviews several of the amoral actions carried out by the President’s Administration regarding the special military operation launched by Russia: from arming Kiev and prolonging a conflict alone to pursue America’s unipolar agenda to the coercion of the press into telling a distorted version of events.

What most outrages the article’s author, former law professor and New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Andrew P. Napolitano, who has published nine books on the United States Constitution, however, is the House’s terrorist actions. Blanca, having been behind the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipelines in September 2022, as revealed by an investigation by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh.

“Spending $50 billion without a clear and achievable goal is not the worst decision Biden has made in this conflict. All that waste is well known. What was not known until last week was the act of war that the Biden Administration waged against Germany and Russia. Against Germany? Yes”, asserts the analyst, who compares the US warmongering interference in Ukraine with its disastrous campaign in Vietnam, which ended in 1975 with one of the worst military humiliations in history and hundreds of thousands of lives lost.

According to Hersh’s report, a team of US Navy divers planted explosives in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in June 2022 and then they were activated by the US three months later remotely, following orders that came from Biden himself, after months of discussions with his national security team.

Napolitano calls this action an “act of war against an ally, Germany, and against a putative adversary, but with which the United States has never been at war, Russia. Can the president legally deploy violence to another country, be it an ally or an adversary, without a clear military necessity? In a word, no.”

And he explains: “Under the Constitution, only Congress can declare war. Under the treaties to which the United States is a party, there must be a moral and legal basis (a credible military threat from a foreign army) for such a declaration. The War Powers Resolution of 1973 requires the president to notify Congress of all violent military deployments. This violence was not only without warning, it was not defensive, nor was it intended to save lives in immediate danger from a foreign military. And it was against an ally ».

For this reason, Napolitano concludes that the terrorist act carried out by the United States did not have a moral military purpose, but rather sought to weaken the economies of both countries and relations between Germany and Russia, for which reason it is simply a war crime perpetrated by the Biden administration.

“Biden will be the first US president known to have used the CIA and the Navy to attack an ally. Isn’t it mysterious that the German authorities have kept silent about this attack? And where are the main American media? »He asks himself.

Faced with such a scenario, the journalist calls for the intervention of the US Congress, but also for the press – which, he says, is intimidated or in collusion with the US Government – to denounce what he calls a war that Biden only wants “to strengthen his weak Administration presidential”.

“The elites in government, the media, and the military-industrial-banking complex that buys and shapes public opinion have no moral compass, do not understand history, are not faithful to the Constitution, and have no qualms about annihilating innocent,” he concludes.

Source: https://trikooba.org/biden-violo-la-constitucion-estadounidense-al-volar-el-nord-stream/