Tired of taking long hours to render your videos ? Do you want to edit your images and videos in high quality ? View all your projects in 4K? Then you need a video card in your life.

When we talk about rendering, we refer to the process by which an image that may or may not be photorealistic is created from scene files or a 2D or 3D model. It gives an image the desired finish.

So if you want to create the images with the best possible quality and you are tired of your computer crashing and getting too hot, we show you the best video cards to render and edit videos.


The RTX 2080 Super graphics card is an investment that will allow you to enjoy excellent resolution for many years. Hands down, the 2080 Super is the best for graphic designers, photographers, and video editing enthusiasts.


✔️ Ray-Tracing Technology: If something should be noted about the new generation of Nvidia video cards is the ray-tracing technology that allows

✔️ The highest resolution of a graphics card: Edit and enjoy 4K images in a fluid way. Live the experience!

✔️ The best cooling system: The best thing about the high-end is that you do not have to give up anything. So the RTX 2080 super has a ventilation system that will allow you to put the most demanding graphics to the test without reaching high temperatures.


It is a high-end graphics card with great performance, choosing to pay a lower price than the 2080 SUPER, but with the technical characteristics of a premium graphics card.


✔️ Ray-Tracing Technology

✔️Great speed: It has a very fast GPU with very fast cores and frequencies that also allow a much higher creative level productivity.

✔️High resolution

 GTX 1080 Ti Mini

If you are looking for a graphics card, small and compact, but without giving up the high-end range, the 1080 Ti Mini is perfect for you. You will get the performance of the 1080Ti in mini size.


✔️ Efficient: It has 11 GB of memory and consumes only 250 W of power.

✔️ Versatile. It is possible to project it up to 4 screens and it adapts to almost all systems.

✔️ Compact design: The size of the 1080 ti mini is perfect if you have a discreet computer (not the huge gamer boxes) and you don’t want to give up a high-performance graphics card.

AMD RX 5700

The AMD RX 5700 video card is a graphics card based on the new RDNA (Radeon DNA) architecture .


✔️ Efficient: It has 11 GB of memory and consumes only 250 W of power.

✔️ Higher performance per vario: Offers higher performance per watt, lower latency, and is compatible with innovative PCIe Gen 4.0 SSDs.

✔️ Higher bandwidth: It has 40 CUs, with 64 stream processors each, 8GB of GDDR6 memory at 14GT / s, which translates into 448GB / s of bandwidth.

MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X

This graphics card from the NVIDIA saga is the best options if you are looking to render and edit images and old ones with a high-performance graphics card at a low price.


✔️ Low price: The GTX 1060 card offers the possibility to edit images and video in high quality with the best price on the market.

✔️Speed ​​and power: The image processing speed allows you to view videos very fluently and render very quickly,

✔️Silent and efficient: It has 3 to 6 GB of memory to choose from and consumes very little power. Very quiet and with a very efficient and stable cooling structure

Advantages of Render Cards

Professional video editing : If you like the world of images or spend long hours editing images or video, quality graphics cards will make your job much easier with impressive results.

4K resolution in videos and your projects: Enjoy the graphics at maximum resolution and live an unforgettable experience without leaving home.

Render in minutes: Forget about the long hours to render your videos and start enjoying thanks to technology

Excellent results : With a specialized external graphics card for rendering with GPUs, you can multiply the results and guarantee the success of your projects.

Improved experience: whether you use it as a work tool or if you want it to play your favorite video games, the GPU rendering of a graphics card will allow you to appreciate even the smallest detail.

Speed: with a graphics card to render the GPU, the speed of any action on your computer will be infinitely faster.