Ariana Grande Has shocked her fans with a dramatic new post-split hairstyle.

Ariana Grande posts an Instagram; the world reacts.

The newly single pop singer has long sported long locks and her signature high ponytail, but she appears to have now opted for the chop.

Ariana Grande’s ponytail has been a pop-cultural force, with its own agency and power, for as long as Ariana Grande, the pop singer, has. Ariana Grande has very, very rarely deviated from the hairstyle over the course of her career, which is why it was seen as such a shock when she appeared on the cover of British Vogue earlier this year sans ponytail.

Of course, the media has latched onto the narrative that the haircut is related to her recent breakup with Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson. Elle, Us Weekly, and others are calling it a “post-breakup haircut”—which, yes, technically, it is a haircut (or appears to be at least), and it occurred about a month after a breakup. BuzzFeed notes her fans are “freaking out” about the shift, with some of them wondering if the new look could be a sign that she is going to be experimenting with a new aesthetic for her forthcoming album, rumored to be titled thank u, next. (The single, with the same title, just hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, Grande’s first time achieving that feat.)

If anything, the attention paid to the haircut today signifies that Arina Grande has reached the pinnacle of the tabloid-pop interest vortex, where there is essentially nothing she can do that doesn’t receive full-blown, “let’s break this all down” coverage.

After a difficult couple of years, Ariana Grande admitted she has been struggling to deal with what the universe has been throwing at her lately.

Referencing her hit No Tears Left To Cry, Ariana Grande took to Twitter last week to point out that the sentiment behind the lyrics was thwarted by the universe, as she has continued to face heartache since its April release.

She wrote: “Remember when i was like hey i have no tears left to cry and the universe was like HAAAAAAAAA b**** u thought.”

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