Angelina Jolie in the White House!

American actress Angelina Jolie visited the White House on Wednesday to ask for the approval of several reforms aimed at combating sexist violence in the United States.

A day after holding meetings in the US Congress, Jolie arrived at the White House to meet with some officials of the Government of President Joe Biden and took the opportunity to visit the press room and make brief statements to journalists.

“What is happening is a health crisis,” said the Hollywood star, who serves as a special envoy for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and has led various campaigns against the use of sexual violence as a weapon of violence. war.

Jolie stressed the need to “invest” more efforts in education and prevention, to foster the development of “healthy families” and to tackle violence against women and children.

The actress was scheduled to meet this Wednesday with senior White House officials, representatives of the Justice Department and with Republican Senator Joni Ernst to, among other things, promote the re-entry of a law against sexist violence.

That legislation began to be implemented in 1994 and every so often the US Congress endorsed it again, in addition to expanding protections for certain groups, such as same-sex couples or some undocumented immigrants.

However, in April 2019, under the Administration of Republican Donald Trump, the rule ceased to be in force because conservatives refused to include protections for transgender people and did not want to support a provision that prohibited the acquisition of firearms by those convicted of a crime of gender violence.

In March of this year, the Democratic majority of the House of Representatives voted in favor of the entry into force of the law, but the matter has been stalled in the Senate due to the blockade of the Republicans.

In addition to promoting this issue, Jolie had planned to request this Wednesday that “reforms in the FBI” be promoted, that “judicial training” on sexist violence be expanded and that work be done for greater “equality in access to health” in the victims of that scourge, explained a spokesperson for the actress.

Specifically, the actress claims a collection and an “unbiased analysis of forensic evidence” in cases of sexist or vicarious violence, the spokesperson added.